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Please note:  Dogs are not allowed on Walton County Beaches. If you take your dog onto the beach, you may incur a ticket with fines up to $1,000. There are ample spaces to walk your pet at the pet walk near your condo, or along Scenic Gulf Drive as long as you always have a bag to pick up your dog’s waste.

Pet Information

Adding your pet’s name, breed, and weight to your rental contract (letter of confirmation) is necessary to bring your furry friend. Our pet guest limit is 2 small dogs (under 30 lbs) who are well-behaved, well-groomed, and clean. Unfortunately, exotic pets such as parrots, gerbils, or monkeys are not allowed in our units (yes, we have had them all).

Small Dog Friendly

We love big dogs as much as small ones, but large dogs (Labradors, Shepherds, Boxers, Pit Bulls, etc.) can outsize a condo. To keep pets, guests, and owners happy, we have a 30 lbs weight limit.


Part of being well-behaved is low volume. When a pet barks incessantly, this can disturb other guests nearby enjoying their own vacation. This often occurs when pets are left running loose in the condo while owners have gone to dinner or to the beach. A crate will usually eliminate this problem. If your pet continues to bark and is disturbing other guests, the on-site property manager might insist you board him/her.  Please respect other guests’ quiet vacation time and allow us to continue to be pet friendly.

Pet Policies 

  • Clean-up Courtesy. When you walk your pet, it is mandatory to clean up your pet’s ‘presents’ with a plastic bag.  All complexes have a designated pet walk. You can walk your dogs other places but you must clean up after them and not allow male dogs to pee on the sides of buildings, fences, etc.
  • Leash Laws. Your little one should be on a leash at all times when outside the condo.
  • Elevator Etiquette. When you ride the elevator please carry your pet. This is very important so other guests can feel safe when they are riding the elevator.
  • Crating. We recommend that you bring your pet’s crate so when you go to dinner or out to the beach or pool, your pet won’t become agitated and try to claw his/her way out of the condo. Please don’t leave the sliding doors open for your pet to get fresh air while you are gone. He or she can climb onto patio furniture and may hurt themselves trying to find you.
  • Hair. If your pet is shedding when you are in Destin, please clean up the hair before you leave. A vacuum cleaner and a broom are provided in the condo to help you. Also, please bring an adhesive lint brush/roller and use it on the furniture if you can see pet hair.  
  • Damage. There are additional charges for damage to walls, furniture, rug, etc. from pets. If your pet is not fully potty trained, do not bring them to our properties. It can be a disaster – remember this condo is someone’s home, so please treat it with respect and care.
  • Pests. If your pet has fleas or is an outside dog, do not bring your pet to the condo.  These properties are only for guests with small, well groomed lap dogs who are comfortable in small spaces and totally housebroken. If you have any doubts, they should not come.
  • Beach Ban. Your pet is not allowed on the beach in Destin. Only pets whose owners have registered them and live in Walton County year round can frolic on the beach. Your leashed pet is welcome on the asphalt walkway which runs for 6 miles along Scenic Gulf Drive. This is a great place for you to run off your pet’s energy and to enjoy a view of the beautiful ocean. Just tote along a plastic bag to clean up after them.
  • Pools. Pets are not allowed in the condos’ pools or hot tubs.
  • Furniture. If your pet likes to lounge around on the furniture, please put a spare sheet on his/her favorite place. You can usually find an extra sheet in the master closet. A towel will do nicely as well, and you can throw either in the washer if you have to use it. This will keep any doggie odor from absorbing into the upholstered pieces. Remember, some of our guests don’t know the joy of bringing their favorite pal on vacation.
  • Sand. If your pet gets sand on their feet or coat, please do not bathe them in the tub until after rinsing off at the outside faucet. Sand in the tub can require a plumber’s visit which will be passed along to you.
  • We Love our Pets. If you treat your vacation condo like it belonged to you, everything will be wonderful! We love our pet guests and their humans, and we want you to return, so help us keep everything as tidy as possible for the next guest.

If your pet gets sick: The Airport Vet Clinic at 900 Airport Road, Destin, FL 32541, 850-370-3277

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