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Testimonies from our clients:

"Thank you so much Barry. You and Jeanne have done a great job in keeping those places rented so well for us. We do appreciate it!
Best wishes,"

- Brigid (Owner of Grand Caribbean 315 and Summerspell 109)

"We have lived here for 10 years and have many friends with rental property. None do as well as we have done with you." 
- Don (owner Maravilla 2110) 

"My wife and I just want to say thank you for all the hard work you do keeping our unit full.  The number of bookings we received through you has been beyond what I ever expected for our first year, much less just summer.  Switching to Coastline Condos was the best move we could have made for a management company.  People always say something when they are unhappy.  I believe the same should be true when someone does a good job.  Thanks and keep up the good work.  We really appreciate what you do."
- Joe and Bev (Owners of Gulfside Getaway in Woodland Shores)

"You are doing great with rentals this summer. That is awesome! Great job!....... YAY!!!"
- Diane, owner Maravilla 4303

"Hi Jeanne and Barry...Thank you for a great year and thank you for all you do for us...
- Greg and Susan, owners Maravilla 2410

"Thanks to you and Barry for an excellent 2016 and hope we can do as well in 2017."
- Rex and Susan, owners Maravilla 4211

Here's What Coastline Condos Will Do For You

24/7:  We manage vacation rentals 24/7 – We have round the clock reservationists who answer the phone and can book your property no matter what time a potential guest may call.  We respond quickly and professionally to guest inquiries, vacationing guests and homeowners.  Also, we respond to emergencies 24 hours a day.  We provide all guests with our after-hours emergency number so they can report a problem or make a request 24 hours a day.

Guest Services:  From reservation inquiries to secure, online booking; from check-in to repair calls; from housekeeping and inspections;  your property manager takes care of guests and your vacation property 24 hours a day.  We have a guest services coordinator who will take care of your guests any time.

Marketing:  Who knows better how to market your vacation home than a professional manager?  We maintain and market to an established customer base of thousands of guests who will be returning year after year as repeat customers.  A great customer experience to a beautiful rental unit will almost guarantee a repeat visit to your property.

Internet Marketing:  We know Internet marketing!  Our website is attractive, easy to use and up-to-date.  We know how to help guests find your property online – easily – when they are planning a vacation in Destin.  We manage email marketing to past guests, social media marketing, listing sites and a variety of other internet marketing strategies that will lead browsing customers to our website and to book your property.

Promotion:  Email blasts, Facebook, pre-arrival, post-vacation follow ups by phone and email to make checking in and out smooth for your guests.  We ask for their guest experience and read between the lines about things we can do to improve our performance.

Reservations Made Easy:  Friendly, over the phone or booking online – whether paying by check, credit card, or debit card – we make it easy for guests to book your property in a secure, professional environment.  Rental and refund policies are clear and professional.  We lower your cost of doing business by absorbing part of the credit card fees, which translates to savings for you .

Additional Services:  When a guest rents your property, we provide local detailed information about where to find grocery stores, movies, shopping and entertainment while in Destin.  For our small dog pet friendly properties, we are clear about how to take care of their pet at your property.  We offer travel insurance to help protect their travel investment.  Fresh linens are provided and installed in your unit before your guest arrives.

Housekeeping and Inspections:  We employ trained, skilled housekeeping companies who keep your vacation rental home clean to industry standards. Our on-site Inspector is in your property after it is cleaned, ensuring consistency, quality and making sure that everything is in order.  Any repairs needed are quickly done.  This keeps your guests happy and feeling that their needs are important.  Our proprietary housekeeping inspector reports directly to us at the end of each clean, and lets us know whether there is a problem, or if all is well in your unit before the next guest checks in.

Maintenance:  We make sure all properties are in good shape at all times – safe, clean and in good repair.  We offer maintenance with immediate response to problems.  We offer maintenance 7 days a week, for your guests’ convenience.

Money:  As professionals, we maximize the return on your investment property, earning you money when you are not staying in your property.  Ask about our Zero-Risk, Money Back Guarantee.  We are confident that we can bring you more revenue than you are seeing now.

Records:  We keep the records – from revenues to repairs, to paying your county and state bed taxes on your rentals.  As your sole property management company, we are the documented payer to the County and State of Florida for your taxes.  We collect and pay your taxes, without your lifting a finger! Every year, we send a required 1099 Form to file your income taxes.

Communication:  Each monthly statement will arrive in your email inbox with copies of invoices for major repairs made, and information about your complex and how improvements to the property will affect your guests.  Your monthly revenue is deposited directly into your bank account for your convenience.

Security:  As professional property managers, we are the constant “eyes and ears” for your property.  Instead of sitting empty, your vacation home is lived in, checked, maintained, and cleaned continuously.

Accountability:  As your agent, we are primarily accountable to you, the property owner.  All guests are required to sign a detailed rental agreement, and we review important policies with guests over the phone before they check into your property.  We primarily rent to families or adult groups over the age of 25.  We are very strict about knowing who is in your property.  We do everything we can to protect your home and investment.  We do not allow large dogs into your property, if you own one of our pet friendly properties.

Consumer Confidence:  Booking a professionally managed vacation rental through a member of the Vacation Rental Managers Association (VRMA) is a seamless process.  As members of this professional organization, we have made a commitment to quality hospitality to your guests, professionalism and striving for industry excellence.  We are also members of the Florida Hotel and Restaurant management division, which closely monitors our management practices.

Time:  Professional property managers save you time!!  You do not have to advertise on the Internet or manage a real estate listing,  answer the phone or read emails to obtain a booking, manage paperwork, pay any taxes, answer phone calls day and night, and on weekends, solve guests' problems, manage maintenance calls, schedule housekeeping, inspect housekeeping, or anything!

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