Our Coastline Condos Team

Many of our guests have asked about us --who we are, what is our background, etc.  We wanted you all to know a bit about us...

Owners, Barry and Jeanne Anthony
We have been married 40 years and have always wanted our own successful business.  We have had businesses in the past, but vacation rentals has proved to be a gratifying, exciting experience for us.  

Barry also works full time at a large firm as a Marketing Director, so he's our go-to guy for all our advertising and marketing for Coastline Condos.  He has an MBA, so he's also the 'money' guy.

Jeanne (that's me) holds a Bachelor's in Education, and taught software applications for several years at a private business school.  Before that, many careers, but after teaching for some time, I decided to move on to a large insurance firm where I was a large case account manager for 10 years.  During that time, Barry and I traveled to Destin for vacations and decided to buy a condo at the most beautiful beach in the world!!  We purchased another and another, and soon we were Destinized! Friends and friends of friends asked us to manage and rent their condos, so our business continued to grow. I took an early retirement from the insurance company, and the rest is history.  We feel very fortunate that owners trust us with their investment property. We cherish our guests who stay in the properties we represent, and want them to return and make even more memories with their families.

We have two wonderful grown children, a son-in-law, a daughter-in-law, and two grandsons.

Susan is our office manager at Coastline Condos.  Susan and I went to college together and worked together at our first teaching jobs.  Susan and I also worked together later in our careers at the large insurance company.  We have been friends for 30 years.  When I decided I really needed someone in the office to join us in this business, I thought of Susan.  She had just retired from her company, but decided she was not ready to quit working, so I knew the timing might be perfect. We are so glad she is working with us and keeping us on our toes!

Robin is a reservation manager.  She is a delightful, knowledgeable addition to our team and answers inquiries from our website, from VRBO and from your phone calls.  She is up to speed on our processes and procedures and can solve your problem in a heartbeat. Robin will do her best to help you find the perfect vacation spot for the dates you need.  We are so glad to have Robin to our team!

A recent guest says:  We enjoyed our short stay this past October for the time we were there and loved this unit and Robin has been wonderful to work with!

A Message to our Valued Snowbirds:
Robin is working with our winter guests this year (2018-19).  They are in charge of your reservation.  You can reach them at [email protected] or call the office at 423-899-3003 to get a call-back  to book your winter stay with Coastline Condos.

Our Reservationists on Call 24/7 -- We have just begun a new project, which will provide our guests access to a live person who can book your vacation in one of our condos or cottages at night, on holidays and weekend when Keighty and Robin are not online.  If you need to book a property at 10 p.m. or 4 a.m., our reservationists will be able to answer your questions and book your rental over the phone, anytime you are ready!  This is our answer to those who cannot call during the day, do not want to book online, or just want assistance booking their perfect vacation!

Housekeeping Companies
We work with several housekeeping companies, which are exclusively assigned to certain condos.  This keeps our housekeeping scheduling problems to a minimum. The housekeepers themselves are licensed and bonded, and are employees of their companies, so we are confident they have the best to offer in this department.  Their managers run a tight ship, and our guests can attest to that.

Housekeeping Inspector / Property Service Calls
We have contracted with Destin Property Services, who will be inspecting every clean our housekeeping companies perform in all our units this year.  We are certain this will make the housekeeping part of our business very efficient and allow us to keep standards high for our guests.  Clean condos are the #1 concern of our guests, so we are making that our #1 concern as well.  DPS will also help you with internet wireless, or any other maintenance concerns you may have.

Destin Property Services is also your contact after you arrive.  If you have any concerns about housekeeping, your wifi, or need to report something broken or an appliance out of order, please call or text Curtis at 850-542-0136 or send him an email at [email protected] and he will assist you.  We have had rave reviews of his service and he is focused on your having a worry-free vacation when you rent a property from us.

Our maintenance team is johnny-on-the-spot when we have a plumbing problem or electrical problem or if anything else goes wrong.  They manage other companies who may have to be called in (such as when we have an air conditioner or heating problem).   We wish it weren't so, but things happen to properties, and this team aims to please us and you, our very important guests!  If you need maintenance, please call Curtis at Destin Property Services at 850-542-0136 and he will assist you.

The Beach Guys
Since almost all our properties offer free beach setups, you will probably meet your beach attendant at some point during your stay (March - Oct).  Your attendant is there to make you comfortable, and make you glad you decided on a beach vacation --  "Wasn't this a great idea to go to Destin for our summer vacation (or fall, or spring or winter)!"  Remember, the beach setups are free, but the beach attendants also appreciate monetary tips, so help them out whenever you can.  If you feel like they've done a good job, let them know!

This is our Coastline Condos team and we are here for you!   From time to time I will be posting some reviews of our team -- here's the first one:

"My wife and I want to thank you (Robin) and Curtis for going above and beyond to help us out with the internet problem.  You have been a big help to me since day one -- always sweet and understanding, thank you.  My wife got the problem fixed thanks to Curtis -- would you please pass this to Curtis -- thank you with all my heart.  I couldn't ask for a better Father's Day."  
Mark from Louisiana